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We would highly recommend Repocast.com

We were tired of waiting so long to sell our manufactured homes. We were receiving low bids from dealers and the parks, so we tried Repocast.com with one of our manufactured homes and received over $2,000 more that our previous high offer! We have sent them more since then and they sold 100% of the homes within a week – all with great bids! Our last manufactured home we sent them sold for $8,500 more than our previous high offer! We would highly recommend Repocast.com if you would like to sell your inventory faster and for more money


Able to get over $1000 more

We had a repossessed auto at a large auction in the Detroit area for about 3 weeks. We received a very low bid on it so did not accept it. We were also getting charged a storage fee and also found out that the auction was only open to dealers. We contacted Repocast.com and had them go and pick up the auto. They were able to get over $1000 more for the auto so in turn we were able to pay off the current loan on our books and still have money left over. The sale also took less than two weeks. That was also including the fees we had to pay the other company for storing the auto and for putting it for sale in their auction.


Quick and Efficient

Kent County Credit Union has been using Repocast.com for years and we are very happy with the results. They can repossess the security for us, handle all the paperwork necessary to prepare it for sale, and process the bids from the auction. The communication is excellent and the staff is professional. I am confident each time I turn a file over to them it will be handled quickly and efficiently.


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Seamless and Easy

The entire process from beginning to end was seamless and easy from the lender’s prospective. The results were more favorable than anticipated, which has enabled us to use Repocast.com, Inc. as a regular sales medium.



I purchased an item and the whole process could not have been better. I had to travel 7 hours to pick the item up, I called and ask for measurement of the item so I could bring the correct size trailer. Within 5 minutes of talking to someone I received a call back with precise measurements.


We love working with Repocast.com, Inc.

We love working with Repocast.com, Inc. They take care of everything from start to finish for us and do a great job every step of the way. We sold a semi tractor with them and it brought over $1,000 more than we hoped for. Great results, quick turnaround, less expenses, easy to work with, friendly and helpful staff….these are just a few of the reasons why we use Repocast.com, Inc.



Top of the line auction company

Repocast.com, Inc. is a top of the line auction company different from any other auction companies that I have used in the past.  We end up with more money in our pocket when we sell with Repocast.com, Inc. because they attracted over 100,000 people every week which helps bring the prices up on our repossessed items.  The fact that they advertise to the general public to bid on the items is a huge benefit to help us get a higher return on our repossessions.  We hired Repocast.com, Inc. to liquidate the inventory of a local novelty store and they took care of everything for us.  Not only did Repocast.com, Inc. auction the contents of the store but they also went to the location, categorized the merchandise then carefully packaged, loaded and transported everything to their location and all of it in one day!   Our previous auction company did not pick anything up and we were charged storage fees before the auction. Repocast.com, Inc. did not charge any storage fees, which kept the cost down, and their crew was professional.  Not only did our collateral sell for more than I had hoped for, but their customer service was second to none.  I was so impressed with the store liquidation and auction that I used Repocast.com, Inc. for my next liquidation. I would recommend Repocast.com, Inc. to any credit union or bank that is looking to see more money out of their repossessed items. Repocast.com, Inc. is a reliable resource for our bank and as long as they keep up the good work and continue bringing the great results on our repossessions, Repocast.com, Inc. will be the only liquidation service we will use!



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