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About Repocast | Meet the Team

Repocast.com started in 2000 with the intent to be the sales and recovery division for Miedema Asset Management Group.  With the ability to take control of voluntary and involuntary repossessions from a whole business to a single vehicle and more, you can be assured that Repocast.com can take care of all of your repossession needs. We host repo auctions in Michigan for individuals and businesses in the state and across the country!

We market to an array of business types from commercial and personal property assets, to credit unions and all types of banking institutions.  We can manage assets from a trustee, business or from an individual standpoint as well.  Let us know how we can help you!

Repocast Management

Sid Miedema



Scott Miedema



Kurt Mingerink

President of
Miedema Asset Management Group


Chad Mingerink

President of Operations

Rob Post

Vice President of Operations

Cory Reitsma

Warehouse Manager (Wayland)

Heather Clason

Kyle Rowe

Operations Manager (Ortonville)

Heather Clason

Kevin Burr

Operations Manager (Gaylord)

Jared Zandstra

Warehouse Customer Service Manager (Byron Center)

Drew Deyoung

Assistant Manager (Byron Center)

Stefan Engelsma

Assistant Manager (Byron Center)

Jonny Kuiper

Assistant Manager (Wayland)

Christian Helderop

Assistant Manager (Wayland)

Evan Huyser

Jodie Matelski

Assistant Manager (Gaylord)

Sierra Cole

Human Resource Manager

Charlyn Biggs

Customer Relations Department Supervisor

Customer Service Agents

Evan Huyser

Courtney Koster

Evan Huyser

Kelly Nowak

Heather Clason

Grace King

John Smallwood

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Cashier's / Check-In / Check-Out

Sammy Miedema

Evan Huyser

Jolie West

Evan Huyser

Eunice Yonker

Brittany Bylsma

Becca Eaton

Evan Huyser

Chris Morrison

Haley Mulder

Makenzie VanTil

Evan Huyser

Becky Wilson

Libby Dykstra

Evan Huyser

Hollie Russell

Jen Hayes

Evan Huyser

Heaven Morrison

Janet Renkema

Nevaeh Helderop

Jerry Austhof

Denny Johnson

Doug Tillma

Product Handlers

Evan Huyser

Jacob Bakeman

Jake Scholten

Evan Huyser

Austin Cook

Alex DeYoung

Evan Huyser

Jim Griffin

Michael Haveman

Evan Huyser

Austin Keuster

Evan Huyser

Ian Locklear

Evan Huyser

Kaleb Locklear

Mack Miller

Kaden Mingerink

Ray Ortega

Evan Huyser

Isaac Potts

Evan Huyser

Maddison Reyes

Ryan Schumaker

Evan Huyser

David Taylor

Evan Huyser

Tony Urmanic

Evan Huyser

Hayden Van Overloop

Evan Huyser

Sam VanPutten

Doug VanTil

Kaitlyn Velthouse

Evan Huyser

Phil Welser

Adam Wheeler

Aidan Zeinstra

Evan Huyser

Jason Zeinstra

Max Kuiper

Sadie Mingerink

Repossessions Department

Kathy Decker

Repossession Manager & Commercial Project Coordinator

Ben Thomas

Repossession Coordinator

Jamie Scholma

Repossession Coordinator

Natalie Vanbemmel

Repossession Coordinator

Ryan Persenaire

Repossession Coordinator

Shari Dommisse

Assistant Repossession Coordinator

Sales Department

Auction Sales Associates

Jared Hekstra

Daryl Kuiper

Jen Koning

Evan Huyser

Bernard Hotchkiss

Jameson Van Dam

Reid Stroven

Accounting Department

Beth Truskowski

Accounting Supervisor

Jenna Bouwman

Accounting Assistant

Evan Huyser

Breanne Penna

Accounting Assistant

Marketing Department

Amanda Bowers

President of Marketing & Brand Strategy

Nick Grifhorst

Marketing Specialist

Juliet Meyer

Social & Video Marketing

Dora Wiersma

Information Processor & Email Marketing