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items you want to buy at auction

4 Types of Items You’ll Want to Buy at Auction

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Auctions are truly an amazing way to purchase items for a lower cost than you would be able to find elsewhere. You can find almost anything in an auction – from large pieces of construction equipment, furniture, inflatables and modern & antique vehicles! Of course, when participating in an auction, you will want to know what you are buying. It is important to research on any item that you are considering bidding, which is why we provide a great deal of information on each item. The items that we sell often come to us in a wide variety of conditions – some are in perfect order, but others have various issues with them. Some issues are to be expected, but those issues are always in the descriptions and general information of each auction item. Check out four categories of items that you will want to buy through our auctions!

Cars & Vehicles:

This is one the most popular categories of items that we sell. As with anything that you are considering bidding on, you can read all about the auto in its general description. We try to give you as much information possible so that you can make an informed decision when you bid. With any vehicle, there are listed times to inspect the items in person. If you want to see what types of cars and vehicles we sell, you can view some of our auctions here.


Construction Equipment:

Next up on our list of popular items is construction equipment. We sell TONS (both figuratively and literally) of construction equipment in our auctions year-round. Make sure to go through the information given in the general description and get in touch with the auction contact if you have any questions. If an inspection is offered, you can go check everything else out for yourself firsthand! We offer construction equipment on several of our sites. You can view items on Orbitbid.com, Rangerbid.com, and Repocast.com, as well as we have several live auctions through MiedemaAuctioneering.com you can check out as well.

construction equipment

Farm Equipment:

While it has a very different purpose than construction equipment, you should conduct similar research for agricultural equipment when you are considering bidding on an item in an auction. Take advantage of the general descriptions we offer for each piece of equipment as check out items in person during the inspection period to assess the condition of the farm equipment that you are considering before the day of the auction. If they are available, review the maintenance records that will give you information on how the equipment was serviced. Check out farm equipment that might be of interest to your in our upcoming auctions here. For our LIVE auctions for construction equipment, farm equipment and more you can visit our https://www.miedemaauctioneering.com/auction-calendar/ page.

farm equipment


Boats, campers, snow mobiles and more! We love when we get to sell powersports equipment. During non-winter months, we have a monthly powersports auction you can take advantage of. See some of our past power sports auctions here. With boats, campers, ski doos, all-terrain vehicles and more, you are sure to find something great to bid on. We provide all the information that we have for the item in the general description, including any information that the seller has given us, but you are always welcome to ask more questions by calling our office or contacting us here.

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Auctions truly are a great place to find incredible vehicles, machinery, and equipment. As we said before, the equipment we sell comes to us in a variety of conditions, so we want to make sure that you are fully informed about each lot. We are always on the lookout for your best interest so that you can have a great experience with our auctions. If you have any questions concerning the condition of a piece of equipment, contact the auctioneer attached to the auction, or fill out the contact form on our website.

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