Commercial & Business Auctions

Everything your company owns is an asset – make sure to treat it that way! We are here to help you maximize the value of your property so that you get the most out of your sale. You can trust Repocast to auction your assets for the highest amount possible in one of our commercial or business auctions.

Commercial & Business Auctions can help when:

  • You are discontinuing a segment of your business and need to liquidate machinery & equipment.
  • You need to sell under-utilized assets to raise capital.
  • You want the greatest selling price possible for your sale.
  • You do not want to assume the liability or deal with the interruptions to your production that comes with selling on your own.
Ready to sell with us? Just complete the form on this page and a Repocast representative will contact you to discuss your commercial and business auction options. No obligations! Check out a few of our current auctions here. If you would prefer to contact someone directly, please see below or contact us here.
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Jen Koning

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