Tips for Buying via Online Auction

– Tips for Buying at Online Auctions –

Online auctions have become increasingly popular in recent years, and Repocast is one of the leading online auction platforms. Whether you are looking to buy or sell items, Repocast offers a wide range of options to fit your needs. However, participating in an online auction can be intimidating, especially if you are new to the process. In this blog post, we will offer tips for buyers to help you navigate the online auction process and ensure a successful transaction with Repocast.

Tips for Buyers

  1. Research the items you are interested in: Before bidding on an item, do your research. Look up the item to see what it is worth and check out the condition of the item in the photos and description provided by Repocast. This will help you determine how much you are willing to pay for the item and know what you can purchase an item brand new.
  2. Set a budget: It is easy to get caught up in the excitement of an auction and end up paying more than you intended. Before you start bidding, set a budget for yourself and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending and ensure that you are getting what you want at the price you want.
  3. Register to Bid: In order to bid on Repocast, you need to be registered, which is free! All you need to do is click “Register” on any of our auction sites. Create a username and password along with a valid credit card, and you are good to start bidding.
  4. Check the auction terms: Before you bid, make sure you understand the auction terms. This includes the payment methods accepted, any fees or taxes that may apply, and the shipping options available. Knowing the terms in advance will help you avoid any surprises or misunderstandings later on.
  5. Keep track of your bids: It is important to keep track of the items you have bid on and the amount you have bid. This will help you stay within your budget and avoid overbidding on multiple items. Repocast offers a great feature called “Watchlist” which gathers all the items you are bidding on and have your eye on all on the same page. Convenient, huh?

Don’t forget to signup for our auction notifications, you won’t regret it, we sell it all! Click here to view everything we have coming up for online auction.

How do Online Auctions Work?

Online Auctions are a great way to buy and sell all types of assets. has been in the online auction business since 2000 and has grown our buyer base over all those years and truly gained the trust of both buyers and sellers. 

So, how do online auctions works?

  1. The seller brings their item(s) for to to be placed through an online auction platform, providing details such as a description, photos, and a starting bid price.
  2. Potential buyers can browse the listings and place bids on the items they are interested in. Bids are made in increments of a set amount, which can vary depending on each lot being sold.
  3. The auction runs for a set period of time, which can range from just a few hours to several days. For auctions, our auctions begin at 8am and will begin closing at 6pm on the same day.
  4. During the auction, buyers can continue to place higher bids until the auction closes. The highest bidder at the end of the auction wins the item.
  5. After the auction, the buyer and seller complete the transaction with, by payment and picking up of the item.

It’s as simple as that! Online Auctions are a great way to buy and sell all types of assets. Interested in buying or selling with We hoped you would say that. Visit here for more information or call 1-616-261-4987.

(3) 2019 Kenworth T680 Semi Trucks For Auction

(3) 2019 Kenworth T680 Semi-Trucks Up for Auction

Online Auctions can be an excellent way to find high-quality semi-trucks at a competitive price. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at three 2019 Kenworth T680 trucks that are currently up for auction and explore some of their features and potential benefits for fleet operators.

These 2019 Kenworth T680 Sleeper Cab Semi Trucks are selling on and are located in our Wayland, Michigan facility. They features a spacious and comfortable sleeper cab that is designed to provide drivers with a comfortable place to rest during long hauls. The cab is equipped with a premium sound system, mini refrigerator, and a condo sleeper as well as bunk beds.

These T680 Sleeper Cabs are powered by a Cummins X15, which delivers up to 450 horsepower. The engine is paired with a 13-speed manual transmission, with the benefits including greater control over the gears. With a manual transmission, the driver can shift gears according to their driving conditions and preferences. 

These Kenworth T680’s provide excellent features including Air Conditioning, Radio, CD Player, Tilt/Telescopic Steering, Dual Power Windows, Air Suspension Dump, Engine Brakes, Heated Mirrors, Air Slide 5th Wheel, plus much more.

Overall, these 2019 Kenworth T680 Sleeper Cabs is an excellent choice for fleet operators who need a reliable and efficient truck for long-haul operations. 

Want more information or looking to purchase a semi truck, visit or click here.

4 Reasons to Liquidate Excess Inventory

liquidate excess inventory

4 Reasons to Liquidate Excess Inventory

Excess Inventory = Higher Overhead Costs

Excess inventory is something that every company must deal with at some point during their operations. It can be hard to predict how much of a product to produce to meet fluctuating demands and assess the amount of equipment needed for production. Unfortunately, when a company finds themselves with excess inventory it typically has a negative impact on their balance sheet. It can be hard to think about selling off products or equipment that may have the potential to be used in the future, but the overhead cost of keeping them can far outweigh any possible future benefit.

Wasted Space

When a company has excess inventory, it is typically being stored alongside other inventory or equipment assets. This space could instead be used to store larger quantities of a product that has a higher turnover in order to bring in more revenue. Additionally, another piece of equipment could take the unproductive asset’s place in order to increase production of another product. Storing excess inventory in a space that could be profitable is a huge waste for any company.

Unnecessary Maintenance Costs

If a company is still holding onto inventory it is likely planning on using it or selling it to a consumer at some point in the future. If this is true, then the inventory should be receiving regular maintenance such as cleaning and inspections. This can be expensive, as a company will have to pay an employee to perform the maintenance in addition to buying any necessary supplies. If you decide to liquidate your inventory, you no longer have to worry about those wasted expenses and have can have employees working toward productive tasks.

Additional Taxes

Besides the stated costs of wasted space and employee time, a company will get hit with additional taxes. While these costs can go easily unnoticed, it is

important to consider that you are paying real estate taxes on any unproductive space, as well as any payroll taxes for the employees maintaining the inventory. Idle inventory is not something that you want to waste tax dollars on, so it would be much more beneficial to sell it and free up the space.

Higher Insurance Costs

The more assets that your company has the more your insurance will be. Even if a piece of heavy equipment is just sitting in storage your company will have to pay insurance on it. If you were to sell off unneeded assets, you wouldn’t have to have the additional insurance and your tax rates could be lower.

Holding onto excess inventory is extremely unproductive and costly for any company. Selling it off is a fantastic way to cut unnecessary expenses and obtain some extra resources to reinvest in your company. Regardless if that looks like upgrading other equipment or funding a new project, you will definitely be able to find a great use for the cash. Interested in selling off some excess inventory? Consider holding an auction with us here at! We work with businesses and financial institutions sell off unneeded assets at the highest prices possible. Contact us today for more information.


Is it Safe to Buy Repossessed Cars?

is it safe to buy repossessed cars

Is it Safe to Buy Repossessed Cars?

How to safely purchase a repossessed car at auction

Repossession auctions make up a big part of the auction industry and are a great way to save money when buying a vehicle for your company or for your own individual use. After all, you don’t have to deal with high markups from dealerships or negotiate with an individual trying to sell their own car. In a repossession auction you start at the lowest price possible and only go higher if there are other people trying to purchase the same car that you are. Repo auctions offer a fantastic way to get a great vehicle at an awesome price! While repossession auctions are great, we often hear people asking if it’s safe to buy repossessed cars. The short answer – yes!

Repossession auctions can be very safe, but as with the purchase of any vehicle, it is always best for you to be careful and do your research before diving right into the bidding process. Some repossessed cars come to us in amazing condition, others may require a little TLC. Repossessed vehicles may give people some concern since the history of these vehicles is often unknown and the overall quality and condition cannot be guaranteed. However, we know that there isn’t anything to be worried about if you do the right research before heading into an auction!

The first thing to do when checking out a repossession auction is to find as much information you can about a vehicle online. There should be an in-depth description with everything that is known about the vehicle, from general information like the make and model, to the odometer reading and transmission type. There will also be pictures of the car that will give you a good idea of the condition the vehicle is inHere at we try to give our bidders as much information as possible about the items that we 

repossessed cars

have listed so that you can make an informed decision about what car you want to bid on. We take care to inspect the vehicles ourselves to the best of our ability. We photograph the entire interior and exterior of the car to record any damage (or lack thereof) so that potential bidders can see the repossessed vehicle from every angle.

After you have found all you can about a car on the auction site, you will want to inspect a repossessed vehicle in person – just like you would if you were going to a dealership. Here at Repocast we have available inspection times during our regular business hours. Items can be inspected as soon as they are listed for an upcoming auction. If you don’t know a lot about cars, bring a knowledgeable friend with you so that they can tell you what you need to know about the vehicle to determine your maximum bid. For liability reasons we aren’t able to let potential bidders test drive any vehicle, but they are able to start it in order to test the engine and any other interior features. After an inspection you will have a good understanding of the working condition of the vehicle, the exterior and interior appearance, and any updates that you may have to make


After you have determined the condition of a vehicle, you are able to decide if you want to bid. Think about any major repairs that you may need to make and factor that into your maximum bid. As long as you know what you are buying you should be safe and free of any surprises when you end up as the wining bidder! Repossession auctions are safe if you know what to expect. If you have any further questions or concerns regarding repossession auctions, please contact us here! We want to make sure that you are comfortable with our auction process and know how to navigate the world of repossessions so that you can get the best deal you can!

Looking to Bid on a Repossessed Vehicle?

16 Car Cleaning Hacks

car cleaning hacks

16 Car Cleaning Hacks

How to clean your car after you’ve won the auction!

Everyone loves having a clean car. The fresh pine smell, the shiny dashboard, the crumb free seats – can you picture it with us? However, we know that life happens and it’s hard to keep your car as immaculately clean as you would like. Fast food happens, kids happen, pets happen. To help you combat the mess, we’ve rounded up some of the best car cleaning hacks that will help you clean your car inside and out!


1. Throw Out Any Trash

This might sound pretty basic, but we are all guilty of leaving food wrappers, take out cups and miscellaneous trash in our car for far to long. This will help you see what you have to work with.



Again, a somewhat basic and expected task, but it will make the world of a difference in your vehicle. Make sure to remove all interior mats and even your seats so that you can get to your entire vehicle. If your seats won’t come out, make sure to shift them back and forth so that you can get to as much of your floor as possible. Looking to kill unpleasant odors? Sprinkle baking soda on your seats before you vacuum to eliminate undesirable smells. Don’t forget to vacuum your seats and car ceiling!

3. Wash Your Mats

Don’t even think of putting your fabric car mats back in after vacuuming without washing them first. You can do it the hard way and spray them down with soap and a hose, or you can stick them in your washer on low! If you want to keep your mats looking nice, we recommend purchasing weatherized mats – particularly if you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow or rain.

4. Fix Vinyl Scratches with Magic

Interior scratches, meet magic eraser. Magic erasers can be used in your car the same way that they are used in your home! Make sure to be careful when using it on the vinyl areas of your car so that you don’t rub too hard and damage other surfaces unintentionally.

car interior

5. Clean Your Dashboard

Your dashboard can get so dusty without you ever realizing it. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down all dusty surfaces and pick up even the smallest pieces of dust. Take a toothbrush and scrub the small and hard to reach places. Then, wipe a little bit of Vaseline or olive oil on a paper towel across the dash to give it a nice shine. Make sure to clean off any excess oil.

6. Clean Out Vents with Compressed Air

It can be hard to get into the cracks of your air vents to clear out any dust that has built up. Luckily, you can use compressed air to blast the dust away. You can also use a small duster and your vacuum to get into all the nooks and crannies.

7. Deep Clean Seats with a Toothbrush and a Squeegee

Fabric car interiors can quickly become ingrained with dirt and pet hair. Take a toothbrush and scrub trouble spots to loosen the dirt and brush it away. To get rid of pet hair, lightly spray down seats with water and rub a squeegee across them – you’ll pick up more fur than you thought possible! If you have leather seats, we recommend purchasing a proper leather cleaner to keep your seats looking nice for as long as possible.

8. Clean Glass Surfaces

Take your good old friend Windex and a soft towel and go to town on the glass surfaces inside your vehicle. While we think about cleaning the outside of our windows, we often forget about sticky fingerprints and dog noses. With a spray and a wipe your windows will shine like new. Don’t forget about your windshield! It might be a little more difficult to clean compared to the rest of your windows, but it will totally be worth it!


9. Wash Your Car

Whether you get out the sponge and bucket yourself or head on over to your local car wash, make sure to clean off all the dirt, salt and debris. Hit your wheels extra hard with a wheel cleaner to make them really sine.

car cleaning hacks

10. Fight Rust with Coca Cola

Did you know that Coca Cola prevents rust? Coke is acidic so it combats rust really well. Pour some over any areas that are showing signs of rust and then scrub it off with a sponge. Make sure to clean off any sticky residue with soap and water (or just do this before you wash your car).

11. Use Cooking Spray to Clean off Dead Bugs

Cooking spray is great for getting tough bugs off the front of your car. Simply spray the buggy areas, wait a few minutes, and easily wipe off the residue.

12. Remove Stickers with a Hair Dryer

Did your car’s previous owner really like bumper stickers? If you don’t like the same things as they did, you will likely want to take those stickers off. Don’t struggle peeling them into little pieces – just add some heat! Use a hair dryer to loosen the adhesive and then use a razer blade (if sticker is on glass) or a credit card (for paint or other materials) to pry up the unwanted sticker.

Final Touches:

13. Pick an Air freshener

Once you’ve gotten rid of all the old gross smells in your vehicle, pick out a nice air freshener to keep your car smelling clean all the time. Even if your car doesn’t stay as clean as you want it to be, it can still smell clean!

14. Make a “Trash Can”

If you want to be better about keeping your car clean, keep a grocery bag in your car to toss your trash into. That way, it is collected in one place and can easily be tossed in your trash can on your way in the door.

air freshener

15. Protect Your Cup Holders

Cup holders see it all. If you want to keep them clean, line them with silicon cupcake wrappers. Then, when it’s time to clean them you can just rinse them in the sink and stick them back in!

16. Fitted Sheets are Your Friend

If you have young kids or pets, take an old fitted sheet and put it over your back seat. This will help you avoid cleaning out all that pet hair again and with save your seats from countless cheerios and goldfish spills. You can easily take the sheet off and send it through the wash to keep your vehicle looking nice.

We hope that these car cleaning hacks have been helpful in your cleaning journey! Do you have any car cleaning tips that you swear by? Let us know here. In the market for a car? Check out our online auctions by clicking the button below!

5 Things to Do After Buying A Vehicle from An Auction

what to do after buying a used car (1)

5 Things to Do After Buying A Vehicle from An Auction

How to take care of your new-to-you car

Congratulations on buying a car, truck, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle! Whether it’s your fist car or the latest addition to your fleet, purchasing a vehicle is a big deal. Buying a vehicle from an auction is a great way to save money – you will pay a lot less than you would at a dealership. However, there are a few things that you will want to do before you go for a drive. Used cars can be in great condition, but they still belonged to someone else for a period of time before you bought it. Therefore, it’s important to learn as much as you can about your vehicle, as well as perform any necessary updates for your safety and so that you can be a better car owner!

1. Transfer the Title & Registration

This is any easy process when you buy with us here at! We are required by the State of Michigan to broker all vehicles sold to Michigan residents. We are able to process the title and perform the title transfer between you and the last owner. Read more information about the process here. We can also apply for your plates and registration if you would like us to. If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to work with the Secretary of State Department of Motor Vehicles. This is an extremely important process and should be completed before you even think of doing anything else with your vehicle.

2. Get Insurance

Make sure to insure your new car! If you don’t already have car insurance, check out some of the common providers such as All State or Progressive. You can quickly fill everything out so that you can be confident when you drive. If you already have a provider, make sure to contact them to add your vehicle to your plan. You don’t want to drive a car without insurance, if you get in an accident you’ll regret having to pay out of pocket for repairs.

3. Clean Clean Clean

Even if your car appears spotless, you have to remember that it was someone else’s vehicle. Which means that you should clean it thoroughly – even if it doesn’t look like it needs it. You can decide to have your vehicle professionally cleaned, or you can haul out your own cleaning supplies and 

get down to business. Make sure that you use the proper cleaning products for the interior material of your car so that you don’t end up damaging your seats or dashboard. Don’t forget about washing the outside as well! Apply a wax or a sealant for extra protection. Your vehicle will look shiny and new and will be good to go for your first drive!

4. Repairs & General Maintenance

Before you purchased your vehicle you likely noted any repairs that would have to be made. You will want a mechanic to look over your car to catch any internal problems you didn’t see initially, as well as fix the problems you did know about. We would also recommend completing the general maintenance that you would regularly perform on your vehicle. Get the oil changed, assess the tires and potentially change or rotate them, change all your filters and check all your other fluids (you will probably want to replace those as well). There isn’t a surefire way for you to know the care that the past owner gave the vehicle, and you don’t know how long it had been sitting before being sold. You don’t want to drive on bad oil or have to worry about an old filter hurting your engine.

5. Review the Owner’s Manual

Now this might not seem that important, but you need to make sure you know all the basic information about your vehicle so that you can take proper care of it. You should be aware of the correct tire pressure, learn about the recommended maintenance schedule and recognize all the lights on your dashboard. It might sound like something you can do later when you get around to it, but you’ll be regretting your choice when an icon you don’t recognize flashes on during a huge whiteout.

After you’ve checked through these important steps you can take your car out for a drive! Everything is finally sorted out and you are ready to go. And, you can be sure that everything with your car is safe. Make sure to follow all safety laws and get used to your vehicle before heading off on a grand cross-

what to do after buying a used car

country trip. You’ll want to get the feel of the vehicle at first as it probably drives differently than your past vehicles. We are so glad that you were able to find the car of your dreams while saving money at the same time! If you have any future questions about buying a vehicle from an auction, please contact us. If you’re looking to buy a car or truck, click the button below to check out our auction site!

Monthly Construction & Lawn Equipment Auction

ground heater

Monthly Construction & Lawn Equipment Auction

An online auction full of great equipment!

It’s time for our monthly construction equipment auction and this month we are putting a special focus on lawn equipment as well! There is some great equipment in this auction, from a ground heater to a mini excavator and more! You are sure to find something that interests you that would make a good addition to your company’s equipment inventory. Check out a few of the featured lots below or click here to view the full auction!

1997 Benson Quad Axle Lead Dump Trailer

2015 Brandon 28’ steel dump box with 60”T sides, Roll-Rite electric tarp, pneumatic high lift tailgate, air and electric to rear fish mouth hitch, first axle is a lift axle with a new lift axle assembly, suspension recently overhauled (receipts in office), single line hydraulic dump, Titled Trailer

Starting Bid: $100.00

dump trailer

Mobile DryAir Ground Heater

Mobile DryAir ground heater, has DryAir 2100-400 heater/pump unit, serial no; 20509, 115/230 volt main power, single phase, Riello F-15 Diesel burner, 357,000 BTUH, fuel input 3.0 GPH, 155 PSI pump pressure, powered by Pulsar PG7000D 5000 Watt Diesel Generator, 784 hours, 418cc electric start, super quiet noise level 69 dB, 120/240 volt, auto feed approximately 56” diameter hose reel with unknown length of hose, comes with hose and foot pedal in front steel storage cage, has manifold with quick connect hose couplers, used, needed jumpstart, runs.

Unit sits on 2002 DryAir tandem axle trailer, overall length including tongue of approximately 23’, deck is approximately 18’ 6”L x 5’ 9”W, 6-lug axles, steel frame and steel deck, 235/85R16 tires on steel wheels, pintle hitch, pintle hitch, (4) jacks, (2) front jacks and (2) rear jacks. Sells with Weight Slip

Starting Bid: $5.00

ground heater

2015 John Deere 50G Mini Excavator

 9’ Boom, 5’ 6” Stick, 24”W bucket with 12”W Hydraulic thumb attachment, 78”W backfill blade, 16”W rubber Tracks, 2-Speed Transmission, enclosed cab, ROPS, Heat and AC, runs and operates.

Starting Bid: $100.00

mini excavator

2004 Caterpillar 247B Skid Steer Track Loader

Perkins 4-cylinder Turbo Diesel Engine, hydrostatic drive, 73”W universal skid steer quick attach bucket, bolt on metal cutting edge, auxiliary hydraulics with quick connect couplers, 15”W rubber tracks, enclosed cab with heat, ROPS cage, runs and operates.

Starting Bid: $100.00

skid steer

1997 Skytrak 10054 Telehandler

10,000# lift capacity, 54’ max lift height, 46.5”L x 4”W forks, 6’W carriage, 3 Speeds forwards and reverse, 4×4, three selectable steering options, side tilt, front stabilizers, runs and operates.

Starting Bid: $100.00

skytrak telehandler

New Tomahawk 78” Smooth Bucket

New Tomahawk 78” Smooth bucket, welded on high carbon cutting edge, universal skid steer quick attach, (30194).

Starting Bid: $5.00


Wacker Neuson Vibroplate

Wacker Neuson Vibroplate BPU2540, Honda GX200 4-stroke carbureted gas engine, recoil start, has wheels on the back, runs and operates.

Starting Bid: $5.00


LESCO Renovator 20 Slit Seeder

Runs and operates without appearing to requiring any major repairs or abnormal maintenance however may require some minor modification or repairs both mechanically and/or cosmetically.

Starting Bid: $5.00


Isn’t this a great auction this month!? We are so excited to see how it all goes down. If you have any questions about this auction or our company feel free to contact us here. We want to make sure you are confident when participating in our auctions. If you don’t have any questions, click the button below to head on over to the full auction!

Complete Liquidation of a National Pipeline Co.

tree trimmer

Complete Liquidation of a National Pipeline Co.

Bank Seizure Equipment Up for Auction!

Looking for some great equipment like a tree trimmer to add to your fleet? Or maybe you are in the market for a truck for personal or professional use. Regardless of what you’re looking for, we know that you will find something of interest in our upcoming auction! On Tuesday, March 3rd we will be holding a complete liquidation auction of a National Pipeline Co. This equipment will be selling with no reserves. Check out a few of the featured lots below, or click here to view the full auction.

2015 Caterpillar 299DXHP Rubber Track Skid Steer Loader

High Flow Aux. Hydraulics, 2-Speed, Manual Quick Attach, Enclosed Cab with Heat/A/C, Missing Windshield Wiper/Arm, Rear Weights, Cab Door in Rough Shape, Warn Hydraulic Rear Winch, 16” Wide Rubber Tracks, Rear View Camera, Currently apart and said to need new turbo, DPF, and NRS, Unknown if all parts are ther to put back together, no key, Non-Running Bank Siezed (CNP)

Starting Bid: $100.00

skid steer loader

Jarraff Industries Mechanical Tree Trimmer

This tree trimmer has approx. 68’ Telescopic Boom, 24” Diameter Saw Blade, 2006 Deutz Model BF4L914 4 cyl. Air Cooled Diesel Engine, 96hp, Hydrostatic Drive, 33.5” Wide Rubber Tracks with Metal Cleats, 96” Wide Front Blade with Hydraulic Lift/Lower, Poly Sprockets have some chips in them with one rear one due to be replaced, Rear Tulsa Hydraulic Winch, Engine Covers bungee corded shut, O.R.O.P.S., unable to find controls for winch, Runs and Operates

Bank Siezed (CNP)

Starting Bid: $5.00

Tree Trimmer

2015 Stealth 8’5”x26’ Long Tandem Axle Enclosed Trailer

Torsion Axles, Rear Door/Ramp, 90”x76” Tall Rear Opening, Rubber Floor with Aluminum Diamondplate where vehicle tires run, 82” in between wheel wells, setup as job trailer with approx. 10.5’ Front Office Area and 15.5’ Rear Storage Area, has divider with door, 4’ Side Door, Built in Aluminum Cabinets/Bench in Front, Fluorescent Lights, Outlets, Rear Wood Shelves/Box, Side Compartment for a Generator (locked), no keys, LED Lights, Diamondplate Aluminum Stone Guard, Jack is slightly bent, Spare Tire, scattered dings and scratches, Titled Item Bank Siezed (CNP)

Starting Bid: $100.00


2017 Ford F-150 XL

Minor Stains in Interior, Runs and Drives, Titled Item  Bank Siezed (CNP). Runs and operates without appearing to requiring any major repairs or abnormal maintenance however may require some minor modification or repairs both mechanically and/or cosmetically. (Auction company is an Agent only and relies on the owner for the items description and condition)Operating Condition on Vehicles & Options:: Auction company lists the options that the vehicle may have, however all options have not been tested or verified to be in working condition. Auction company does not conduct a road test, nor are the vehicles inspected for mechanical defects. Auction company testing is limited to driving vehicle within our auction facility lot only. For liability purposes, vehicles may be started, but not driven by customers. Please rely on your own inspection prior to bidding.

Starting Bid: $100.00

We hope that you found something that you love in this auction! This is some truly excellent equipment and we can’t wait to host this auction. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here. We want to make sure that you are completely confident when bidding so you can fully enjoy the auction. If you don’t have any questions, click the button below to head on over to the full auction!

How to Hold a Successful Charity Auction

charity auction

How to Hold a Successful Charity Auction

Make the most for your cause!

Auctions are a fantastic way for you to raise money for an organization that you are passionate about. They draw in a great crowd of bidders who are ready to give money and have fun at your event. We’ve created this guide so that you can be sure that your auction will be a success!

Decide What Type of Auction

The first thing that you will want to do when preparing for your charity auctions is to determine if you will be having a live or online auction. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types, so it will really be up to you to determine what will work best for your event depending on your time, budget, and organization.

Live Auctions

Most charity auctions are live auctions. Typically, the auction takes place as part of a large event. There will likely be a formal dinner or some other activity that accompanies the auction for some added pizzazz. The main advantage of live auctions is the anticipation and fun surrounding the event. Bidders come prepared to spend money and can get wrapped up in the excitement of the night, donating more than they planned. The buzzing atmosphere and fun competition can sweep people away, giving you a larger final donation number at the end of the night. The disadvantage of live auctions is that they are typically a lot to plan. You will have to have the time and the staff to plan the event, as well as the funds to cover the costs. If you are worried about the added expenses, or don’t have the time to plan a huge event, it might be a better idea to host an online auction.

Online Auctions

Online auctions are a great way to raise money fast for your organization. One of the biggest advantages of online charity auctions is the convenience that they bring both to you and to your bidders. All you have to do is provide photos and descriptions for your items and your auction company will do the rest. There is no huge planning process, no other expenses to budget for, and all you have to do is sit back and watch people bid. Bidders enjoy online charity auctions as it is easy for them to view your items on their own time and then place a bid on whatever they decide what they want to purchase. They will appreciate the opportunity to give fast without having to go out of their way. The main disadvantage to online charity auctions is the lack of urgency and competition. Live auctions pull in a lot of donations when people are swept up in the bidding process, but online auctions have less excitement attached to them. Online auctions are less focused around the organization as a whole and can’t pull on people’s heartstrings as much as a live auction would.

charity auctions

Once you’ve decided what type of auction you will be hosting you can jump right into the planning process!

Hire an Auctioneer

If you’ve decided to go the live auction route the first thing you will want to do is hire a professional auctioneer. While you might want to have a teammate or friend stand up on the auction block to save some money, it’s really in your best interest to hire an auctioneer. Besides the fact that you won’t have to worry about them getting stage fright right before the event, they have so much knowledge and experience to offer up that will help your auction go smoothly. They can give you tips on the planning process, help you attract the right bidders to the event and determine the best order to auction the items off in. During the event they know how to read the room and respond to keep the excitement up, will talk up certain items to get larger bids, encourage friendly competition and even act as a sort of MC for the night. An auctioneer will be able to help you get the highest bids possible out of your donors.

Pick Your Space

When heading into a live auction you want to make sure that you pick a proper location to go with your event. Like we said, many live charity auctions focus around a dinner, which gives you a lot of options. You can rent out a ballroom or banquet hall, or you could have your location play off of your cause. If you are raising money for a new football stadium, host a huge cookout on the current one. If you are raising money for an endangered species, check out the event rooms at your local zoo. Basing your space around your cause will add some extra fun to the night and will keep the organization at the forefront of everyone’s minds when it’s time to start bidding.

Promote Your Auction

This is one of the best things that you can do for your charity auction, regardless if it is live or online! The more people who attend your auction, the more bids that will come in, leading to more competition and a larger donation for your organization! If you are working with a professional auction company, they may have marketing services that you can use to get the word out, but there is a lot that you can do on your own! Take the time to make a fun graphic or invitation that you can post out across all of your social media platforms as well as deliver to potential bidders in person. You can also post your auction catalog with different posts for your spotlight items. Create an event on Facebook and invite everyone following your page. Encourage your employees and donors to share your posts on their own social media pages in order to get your auction in front of even more people. If you have the budget, consider creating some paid social ads that will get the word out even further! Take advantage of your email list and send out a newsletter highlighting the auction to people who already care a lot about your cause and are likely to want to bid! However you decide to promote your charity auction, make sure that the cause is the focus. Your cause is what will pull people in and cause them to participate. Charity auctions are great events that are fun for your donors and will bring in a lot of money for your cause. If you are interested in holding a live or online charity auction with us, contact us today! We would be more than happy to sit down with you to see how we can work with your company. Please contact us if you have any further questions about charity auctions or our auction process!

Looking to Participate in a Charity Auction?