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Look How Our Customers Review Our Service!

 (Based on 3,581 surveys completed in 2017)

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer us to a friend or family?

9.46 out of 10


Customer Satisfaction

We always welcome and encourage feedback from our customers.

“Lot security and attendant very helpful with finding item and checking quality”

“Excellent help from all! Rob/Rich/Don awesome!”

“It’s very fun!”

“You guys are great!”

“Reminder calls are the bomb!”

“Love the log furniture that goes through the auction from time to time!”

“Already recommends us to lots of friends and family”

“I like you guys a lot!”

“Had a lot of fun bidding on our auction and looks forward to doing more business with us!”

We thrive on Customer Feedback!    You are the foundation of our business and we appreciate YOU!