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Buying FAQs

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How do I Bid?

  • First, log into your account by clicking any of the company logos at the top of the page and then click on the "My Account" link. If you don't yet have an account, click the "Register" link and create an account.
  • Once you are logged in, enter the auction of the item you wish to bid on. Click on the item to view the product page. On the right side of the page is a light blue box with "Place Bid" at the top. Enter your bid in the box and click the "Review Bid" button in the bottom of the box.
  • NOTE: The computer will bid ONLY at the next increment; it will not immediately place your bid at the maximum amount.

applies for all auctions listed on, Inc. (OAS) bidding platform:, Inc.;, Inc.;, Inc.; and all Independent Auction Owner auctions)

Is there a way to bid in advance?

Yes. All, Inc. (OAS) websites feature the option for the user to 'pre-bid' on the item. A pre-bid is a specified dollar amount that is initiated before the auction goes live. This allows you to establish a maximum that you're willing to pay for the item. During the actual auction, your name will be displayed as the high bidder as long as your pre-bid remains the highest bid.* Posted closing times and displays of Auction Co.'s current time are approximate.

  • Auction Co. reserves the right to close early or extend auctions at any time at its discretion.
  • It is strongly recommended that bids be placed early to avoid losing out due to an ill-timed, last minute bid.
  • All times are based on the Time Zone as specified on the auction.

Dynamic bidding - The dynamic bid on this website is a feature that does NOT allow an item to sell at the end of the auction until there is 10 minutes of bidding inactivity.

Example: An item is bid on at 7:50pm. An auction is scheduled to close at 8:00pm. When this bid is placed the ending time will automatically extend to 8:10pm. When another bid is placed at 8:01 the auction will extend to 8:20pm. This will give the bidder 19 minutes to place another bid. If no bids are placed this auction will conclude at 8:20pm. The key to your dynamic bidding feature is that the auction extends from the preset closing time in 10 minute intervals, NOT 10 minutes from when you placed your bid. *Assuming that there are no higher pre-bids placed by other users before the auction begins

What is a 'Maximum Bid'?

A maximum bid can be placed in the pre-bidding stages of the auction or during the auction itself. Establishing a maximum bid allows you to establish the most you are willing to bid for a specific item. It ensures that you will continue to be the highest bidder at the lowest qualifying bid until another user either outbids your maximum or establishes a higher maximum bid than you have. If the auction closes before your maximum bid is reached, then you will have won the item for less than you maximum bid.

What are 'bid increments'?

A bid increment is the required minimum amount that the auction bid can successfully be increased by.

For example, if bidding for a particular item has reached $20, and the bid increment is $5, than the next acceptable bid would need to be $25. Any placed bids that exceed the bid increment are treated as a maximum bid.

How do I know if my bid went through?

After clicking the 'place bid' button on the page, a notice will appear to indicate as to whether your bid was successfully accepted or if your bid did not meet the minimum requirement.

You may set your account settings to receive notifications of bid status by email.

What is a 'Buyer's Premium'?

A Buyer's Premium is a transaction fee added to the high bid, to be paid by the buyer as part of the Auctioneer's compensations. The Buyer's Premium is also explained in the site and auction terms of each individual auction.

Do you package and ship items?, Inc offers several options:

  • Weekly transports between our Byron Center, MI and Flint, MI locations. Please call 866-550-7376 for pricing. Shipping & packaging charges would be paid directly by you to, Inc.
  • Shipments may be arranged by you contracting directly with a common carrier for small or large items. Shipping & packaging charges will be paid directly to the shipping company.
  • For small items, our site offers links to schedule directly with select package & ship services (such as UPS). Shipping & packaging charges would be paid directly by you to the shipping company.
  • For large items, our site offers links to schedule directly with common carriers. Shipping & packaging charges would be paid directly by you to the shipping company.

you can also visit Repocast Shipping Services for more information

Do I have to bid from my computer?

All Bidding is Online, But there are options for bidding:

  • Bidding from your computer is the quickest and most reliable method of bidding.
  • You can also bid with a Mobile Devise using our App

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Who can answer questions on the lots for sale?

On every lot listed, when you are on the lot details page, there is a button under the description called "Ask Auction Company a Question." You can use this button to submit an online question about that specific lot number. One of our professionals will quickly respond.

You may also call us to ask a question:

  • For questions on items at our Byron Center, MI location please call the main office at (866) 550-REPO, Rob Post (616) 283-4194, or Rob Westhuis at (616) 914-8471
  • For questions on items at our Flint, MI location please call the main office at (248) 627-5200 or Anthony Russo at (616) 610-7268
  • For questions on items at our Wayland, MI location please call the main office at (616) 261-4982 or Cory Reitsma at (616) 808-6528

Can I inspect the items myself?

Yes, we encourage it! All items offered for auction are available for viewing at the auction location

You can visit our locations during our inspection times to view all items listed for auction. All items offered for auction will have their own location and inspection times listed below the description, and in the auction terms.

Displaying 1 - 10 of 311234

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