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Boutique Online Dress Sale

Wedding dresses, formal wear and shoes!

Calling all brides, future prom queens and general formal-dressing ladies! We have a unique sale taking place in the next few weeks. Yes, you heard that right – sale, not auction! We are selling off the assets from a boutique, so all formal dresses and shoes will be available in our sale. From wedding dresses to prom dresses, to shoes, we are selling everything that you need to make your big night spectacular. Everything in the sale is $20.00 – no negotiations at all. Dresses will be sold first come first serve right on our online site. The sale with open on November 19th and will run until December 4th. After that time, all remaining dresses and shoes will be available for purchase through WALK-IN SALE from December 5th through 7th. Click here to go straight to the sale to view all available items for purchase. Hurry! They won’t last long!

Choosing to purchase a dress through an online sale like this one saves you so much money. Oftentimes dresses for occasions like prom, formal dances, and weddings (think guest, bridesmaid & the wedding dress!) are only worn once, resulting in a lot of money being spent for just one night. It makes much more sense to shop the deals, (like this one!) to find a dress that you love for a fraction of the cost. You save a ton of money, and will likely be the only one with your dress! Not only will you stand out but you will have the chance to spend that money on other fun things for your event, such as other accessories that can be worn multiple times, food and drinks, a gift for the host and transportation to and from the location. Or, just put the money back into your budget! We all want to try and save a little wherever we can.

We hope that you find the dress of your dreams for cheap in this auction! Contact us if you have any questions that we can answer about this sale since it is a little different than our traditional auctions!

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