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Did I Win the Auction?

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The beauty of email notifications...

A frequent question we get asked is “How will I know if I won the item(s) I am bidding on?”

The answer to the question “Did I win?” is quiet simple, just check your email! If you win one or multiple items on auction, you will receive an email showing you the items you won and the final price for the items you won.

Along with this, it is possible to adjust the preferences for your account. You can choose when you get emailed and how often. For example, you can choose to receive an email alerting you that you were outbid on an item you were following. That way you can decide if you want to place another bid. There are many different options when to receive an email notification. This is a feature that needs to be changed within your account preferences. 

No longer will you have to sit around and wonder “Did I win?” – all you have to do is check your inbox. Check out more of our frequently asked questions here!

did i win the auction